What is a bootography?
A discography of bootlegs of course.

What is a bootleg?
     Any recording not released officially by Björk or her record companies.

What is on a bootleg?
     Most commonly, a live gig recorded by someone in the audience.
     Some contain rare songs, b-sides, songs at TV appearances, remixes or even album tracks!

Where can I buy these bootlegs?

     Not from us. We just keep a record of which ones there are.
     Check your local stores or online shops. Sorry.

Why are they so hard to find?

     In most countries they are illegal by law to sell, so bigger stores avoid them. 

Why are they illegal?

     Because it's Björks songs but she gets no money from the bootlegs.
     The copyright law is violated. Her songs are used without her permission.

Where can I find them then?

     Try asking other fans where they have gotten theirs.
     Or maybe you can do a trade with another fan.

If there is anything missing or inaccurate on this bootleg list, feel free to
mail us with details!
Before sending us any pictures or info, we would appreciate it if you checked if we need it, we may have just received it from someone else already.
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Current number of unique listed bootlegs: 93  - A bootleg can be listed more than once if it contains material from several eras.

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