Welcome to the Björk bootleg archive

This is a rehashed and expanded version of the old bjork.com bootography. We document all kinds of unofficial releases, including live recordings, compilations of rarities, white label DJ mixes releases, interviews and pirate albums with original artwork. In the future we will also add a section explaining selected modern counterfeits which closely resemble official releases. This way you may avoid buying undesired items.

The bootleg archive only lists physical releases, we do not report on unauthorised digital releases.

Björk has always supported free filesharing, and her label has enabled her to share live recordings. Before bjork.com was redesigned, her website came with a direct link to live bootleg downloads. Still, please support Björk and buy her official releases!

We invite you to improve the bootography sending information and images to our email address at bjork@collector.org.

The bootography was last updated: 10 March 2015

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